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With Southernmost Mobile Labs, LLC you can skip the drive to have your blood drawn or IV clinic after last night’s party. We come to you. If you need bloodwork, you decide when and where your samples are collected. Southernmost Mobile Labs, LLC has a handful of experienced healthcare professionals such as: registered nurses, phlebotomists, and an ARNP who are ready to provide healthcare wherever you are!

A mobile phlebotomist is a specialty trained medical professional that can collect and process blood and other specimens outside the traditional in-clinic setting. Mobile phlebotomists provide blood draws and health assessments in the comfort of your own home, office or in event spaces.


We are dedicated to making blood draws more comfortable and convenient for both you and your patients or loved ones. Our caring and certified phlebotomists provide on-site or in-home services in a courteous, organized and professional manner. The process is quick and easy:

  1. Schedule your appointment or consult with one of our friendly representatives by phone.
  2. Prices vary by location and services provided. Please contact for payment options.
  3. Fill out all paperwork with patient information needed for lab draws and email to SML along with front and back of insurance card.
  4. Prepare for your blood test, as advised by your doctor (whether you need to fast or drink plenty of water).
  5. After our phlebotomist has arrived in a timely manner and performed your stress free blood draw, your specimen will be delivered to its designated lab to be processed. All specimens are processed under the protocol required. Results are sent directly to ordering doctor.

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